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ARTEZA Dry Erase Lapboards, Bulk Set of 32 Double Sided 9x12 in Whiteboards Perfect for Teachers, Students, and Office Work


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Tired of wasting reams of paper on brainstorming and planning? There's no need to worry about that anymore with ARTEZA'S dry erase lapboards!

These environmentally friendly boards are completely reusable -- all you'll need to do is erase to keep on working.

Packaged in a convenient bulk pack, these whiteboards are perfect for class use as there will be more than enough for students.

The boards are also double sided, meaning there's ample space to keep working when you've already filled in an entire side.

The slim, lightweight, and sturdy design makes these lapboards the perfect size for individual handheld work. Smooth, rounded corners make them safe and effective for children as well.

The non-porous coating makes for easy clean up as it's guaranteed to prevent bleeding, smearing, and ghosting from markers.

This bulk set is perfect for teachers looking to do centers or group projects in the classroom, or Offices that require lots of brainstorming and daily notes.

Silent voting, quick reference, daily tasks, or lists, these 32 dry erase boards can improve the efficiency of any school, business, or home.

Let these lapboards become an essential part of your productive and visual day now!